GHC Coach Access

Working together to pursue health and growth in God's church

The Growing Healthier Churches platform now allows coaches to be given access to dashboards of multiple teams. This will allow coaches to walk alongside ministry leaders and their teams so they can see they same thing together in pursuit of health and growth!

GHC provides:

  • standardised metrics making simplifying coaching across churches
  • real time insights - no more try to pull data out of churches
  • an intuitive platform that makes coaching and cultivating curiosity easy
  • inherent pathway logic that helps every ministry leader think about discipleship pathways

It's really easy to be a coach with GHC

The participating church needs to sign up to GHC. They'll need a "medium church" or "large church" subscription plan to have coach access. We'll help them setup.

Then coaches can simply be added as a team member, with the addition of selecting them as a coach. Team administrators will have access to this page here.

As a coach you will then be prompted to either create a coach account or be notified you have new access to another church's dashboards.

You will be able to look at various church dashboards in your myGHC portal:

For security purposes, the team administrator needs to add your ability to view at a Google Data Studio level also. If you're an admin users click here for instructions on how to do this. This might take time to close that loop. But if you can't access dashboards as you'd expect simply select the help dropdown and it will guide you through your options including nudging the team admin for that church.

Access member content by logging in here.

or create your account here

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