elvanto Connector for Looker Studio

Growing Healthier Churches presents a Connector to enable People data in elvanto  to be accessed from Looker Studio.

This connector fetches data from  elvanto via the API. The following API endpoint can be used :

The data extracted from elvanto can then be displayed in Looker Studio and analysed to provide insights.


The connector requires the user to select the People data set and authorize with an API Key to access elvanto.


The connector will request an API key from the user to authorize access to the elvanto data.

You can obtain your API key from the Settings page of your elvanto account.

Data Fields

The data from all standard and custom People fields are returned from the API. These fields are defined here.

NameTypeDescriptionReturned Values
idstringThe ID of the person.
date_addeddatetimeThe date the person was added.Date is returned in UTC time.
date_modifieddatetimeThe date the person was last modified.Date is returned in UTC time.
category_idstringThe ID of the category this person is in.
firstnamestringThe first name of the person.
preferred_namestringThe preferred name of the person.
middle_namestringThe middle name of the person.
lastnamestringThe last name of the person.
emailstringThe email address of the person.
phonestringThe phone number for the person.
mobilestringThe mobile number for the person.
adminintegerWhether this person is a Super Admin.1 if the person is a Super Admin.
archivedintegerWhether this person is archived.1 if the person is archived.
contactintegerWhether this person is marked as a contact.1 if the person is marked as a contact.
volunteerintegerWhether this person is a volunteer.1 if the person is a volunteer.
statusstringThe status of the person's account.
usernamestringThe username of the person's account.
last_logindatetimeThe date the person last logged into their account.Date is returned in UTC time.
countrystringThe country of the person.
timezonestringThe time zone of the person.
picturestringThe URL for the persons profile photo
family_idintegerThe unique identifier for this members family, used to link members together
family_relationshipstringThe position the user holds within their family
NameTypeDescriptionAccepted Values
genderstringThe gender of the person.Male or Female
birthdaydateThe date the person was born.2019-09-20 (yyyy-mm-dd)
anniversarydateThe person's anniversary date.2019-09-20 (yyyy-mm-dd)
school_gradestringThe name of the school grade.
marital_statusstringThe person's marital status.Single, Engaged, Married, Widowed, Divorced, Separated or Defacto
development_childstringIs this a development child?Yes or No
special_needs_childstringIs this a special needs child?Yes or No
security_codestringSecurity code for check-in.
receipt_namestringThe receipt name used for financial records.
giving_numberstringThe giving number used for financial records.
mailing_addressstringThe person's mailing address.
mailing_address2stringLine 2 of the person's mailing address.
mailing_citystringThe person's mailing city.
mailing_statestringThe person's mailing state.
mailing_postcodestringThe person's mailing postal or zip code.
mailing_countrystringThe person's mailing country.
home_addressstringThe person's home address.
home_address2stringLine 2 of the person's home address.
home_citystringThe person's home city.
home_statestringThe person's home state.
home_postcodestringThe person's home postal or zip code.
home_countrystringThe person's home country.
access_permissionsstring|arrayThe access permissions this person is assigned to.More details
access_permissions_replacestring|arrayReplace current access permissions with new access permissions.More details
access_permissions_removestring|arrayRemove access permissions from person.More details
departmentsstring|arrayThe departments this person is assigned to.More details
departments_replacestring|arrayReplace current departments with new departments.More details
departments_removestring|arrayRemove departments from person.More details
service_typesstring|arrayThe service types this person is assigned to.More details
service_types_replacestring|arrayReplace current service types with new service types.More details
service_types_removestring|arrayRemove service types from person.More details
demographicsstring|arrayThe demographics this person is assigned to.More details
demographics_replacestring|arrayReplace current demographics with new demographics.More details
demographics_removestring|arrayRemove demographics from person.More details
locationsstring|arrayThe locations this person is assigned to.More details
locations_replacestring|arrayReplace current locations with new locations.More details
locations_removestring|arrayRemove locations from person.More details
familyarrayCan only be used when retrieving a person. It will return the person's family members.
reports_tostringThe name of who the person reports to.
custom_IDstring|arrayReplace ID with the Custom Field ID to retrieve or update it. You can obtain the ID's of your custom fields by performing a people/customFields/getAll call.This field must be an array if you are updating a Custom Field that is a Drop Down or Checkbox. All other fields need to be a string.

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