GHC Notify

Better inform your service volunteers for ministry together

GHC Notify is a utility that sends regular scheduled emails to your rostered volunteers so they can see any combination of the following:

Service Plan

Make sure your volunteers know how their ministry contributes to the service

Who's on (and confirmed)

Now your volunteers can see easily who else is involved the service and who is yet to confirm


Include links to song resources to equip musicians and service leaders

+ You can choose what content is sent, who gets it and when they get it!

And it's all automated allowing you to focus on using Elvanto well and distributing information from there so that volunteers can better focus on their ministry to others and with others.

It's really easy to setup GHC notify..

Authorise GHC

Authorise GHC notify in Elvanto

Configure Control Group

Define who gets what when through parameters set in an Elvanto group. You also have the option of setting multiple groups to send multiple emails to various groups.

... then simply let GHC Notify keep your volunteers informed

Sample Email with Service Plan and Volunteer listing. Download sample.

❌ No need to have your volunteers log into Elvanto and swap between tabs finding out who's doing what when.

❌ Don't write custom email and try and attach PDFs to try and get service details into the hands of those who need it.

✅ Simply use GHC notify!


1. Is my data secure in using this?

The GHC Notify integration will securely access the service information in your Elvanto and use it  to send notification emails individually to rostered volunteers using the Sendgrid email service. No personal contact details of other volunteers is included .in the emails

2. Why does this cost?

The GHC Notify service subscription of $5 per month covers the cost of the reliable and secure Sendgrid email delivery system, and providing ongoing support and development. It is in addition to any other GHC subscription.

3. How do I get support

When you subscribe you will unlock detailed documentation for GHC Notify on this page. If that is insufficient then please use the support tab in the myGHC portal (accessible via login).

Subscribing is easy...

Step 1. Sign up or log into myGHC

Step 2. Subscribe using form below (only visible when signed into myGHC).

Step 3. Follow the setup instructions (5minutes). Once you've subscribed simply refresh this page and you'll be able to view detailed documentation for setup and managing GHC Notify.

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