May Focus: Integration

In our first focus month, we're helping churches use GHC to focus on integrating newcomers with the help of live metrics. Sign up to one of the workshops below and share your stats and comments on the facebook group here.

Public GHC Demo

General demonstration of using GHC to help your church focus on health and growth

Wed 4th May 10am AEST.

Integration Workshops

These workshops will be dedicated to using GHC to focus on and improve your "stay ratio". The stay ratio is one of GHC's core health gauges and represents the percentage of new people that become members in the last 12 months. We'll be looking at strategic and pastoral aspects as well as providing tips on how to respond to the metrics to pursue being a growing, healthier church. 

Wed 11th, 25th May 10am AEST . Sign up here.

Mission Pipeline Workshop

We recently released the Elvanto "Missional Pipeline" add-on. We want to share with you how to use it based on a dedicated people flow. The flow helps you better answer the question "How do people become a Christian around here?!" by putting into place steps that you can measure the effectiveness of. We know we can't mechanise conversion, however let's be attentive to what's happening and put in relevant and helpful steps that people can make towards Jesus. 

Thur 19th May 10AM AEST. Sign up here. (note time change - was Mon 16th)

Free Consultations! 

Users who share their stay ratio with a bit of a story of their church go into the draw to get a free personal consult with someone from the GHC team. Join the facebook group here.

Sign up now for the GHC Integration Workshops