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Toolkit Features

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The GHC platform centres around the "Toolkit" which is designed to help your ministry leadership team focus on health and growth with real time metrics.

You are only minutes away from seeing your church metrics*.

* at the moment GHC only supports Our hope is to build connectors to most major church management systems. We're close to releasing GHC for Planning Center Online!

The Toolkit is a live metrics suite that helps you explore how you might grow and sustain your church membership through:

  • health gauges that intuitively prompt your team to be curious about what's happening in your church at a macro level
  • strategic dashboards that help you team question why your health metrics report as they do and how you might lead for growth in any particular area
  • pastoral dashboards that help you regularly focus on people


Notice where each gauge sits and ask some basic questions:

  • Is this what I expected? Why did you expect that?
  • What do the combinations of gauges say? e.g. Lots of visitors but not many staying. Or great attendance but little volunteering.

Your journey begins by exploring the data behind this gauge. Click the "strategy" button to explore deeper.

Strategic Insights

Example Integration Strategic Dashboard

Each strategic dashboard represents an aspect of the life of your church. We have worked hard to show rich and intuitive information that can be explored with dynamic filtering (try clicking a bar on the graph or using the location dropdown selector). It's the strategic level dashboard that allows you to interrogate your expectations and reality and begin building a richer and more grounded narrative of what God is doing in your church.

Then ask, what things might be able to be done to be more healthy in this aspect of your church life? Turn these into lead actions and use your pastoral dashboards.

Pastoral Action

Example Visitors Pastorals Dashboard

The pastoral dashboards provide ground level information that are best used in a regular rhythm to carry out your lead actions.