Creating Shareable Dashboards

Bear with us for a moment. We've got to do a little deep dive into Google Data Studio to give you permission to share.

From the menu bar select "Resource" and click "Manage added data sources"

For each data source (noting those sources might vary for your specific instance), click "Edit"

Click the "RECONNECT" button in the top right of the screen.

If a dialogue box appears containing changes then ignore it and select continue.

If your error says "No <table> was found" as pictured below then follow these steps. Otherwise contact

This error exists because one/both of your attendance reports is returning "No Results". To get around this create dummy attendance results in a single service or group report. It doesn't matter if you you select no one attends, it's simply that this error occurs when the reports return empty results. No attendance is still a result.

  • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??!!! Note that in some cases the reconnection will produce an error. In this case a dialogue box will appear, select "OK" and then select "FIELDS →" under the blue "RECONNECT" button.

For each data source select "Data Credentials" and change to "Owner's Credentials" and select "Update"

Select "Done" and repeat this process for each data source.

Click "Close" to return to the dashboard

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