TAC service translation

Click this button to open a page with a live text translation of our services. You can select your chosen language when the page opens.

Open Translation Page

We want to be able to help people of all nations understand God's word and be part of His church here at Toongabbie. This service is now available at our morning services.

Note that:

Questions and Feedback

Please click here if you are running the service translation from the tech desk

To start the translation service open a browser on the streaming computer.

Step 1: Click here to open translation powerpoint

Step 2: Click 'Slide Show' Tab

Step 3: Enable subtitles

  • Click 'Always Use Subtitles' in Slide Show menu
  • Also open the subtitle menu using the dropdown arrow...
  • Select 'Audio Settings'. Check that "Default - Microphone (Blackmagic Des...)" audio device is selected.

Step 4: Go Live

  • In the 'Present Live' dropdown select 'Anyone' (without this step no one will have access to view)
  • Note: that in the next step the browser will appear in full screen. You'll need to use ctrl+tab to get back here without stopping the presentation. Simply escaping or minimising the presentation pauses the presentation/translation.
  • Press 'Present Live' at the top of the tab then press Ctrl+Tab

Step 5: Share link with others

  • Copy link of page and paste below
  • The password should be preloaded if opening from shortcut on desktop of streaming computer or should be printed on laminated card near streaming computer
  • After saving link it's a good idea to test the blue "Open Translation Page" button at top of this page by right clicking on it and opening private or incognito. This ensures there's no logins and it is publicly viewable.


  • Leave the ATEM and computer active after 8.45 so that 10.45 can use the translation service.
  • You can stop the youtube without effecting translation.

Save Link for Viewers