TAC service translation

We want to be able to help people of all nations understand God's word and be part of His church here at Toongabbie.

Our morning services are now being translated into written subtitles in a variety of languages. Simply click the link below to open the translation page.

Note that:

Open Translation Page

Questions and Feedback

Open Admin Panel

To start the translation service open a browser on the streaming computer.

Step 1: Click here to open translation powerpoint

Step 2: Click 'Slide Show' Tab

Step 3: Enable subtitles

  • Click 'Always Use Subtitles' in Slide Show menu
  • Also open the subtitle menu using the dropdown arrow...
  • Select 'Audio Settings'. Check that XX audio device is selected.

Step 4: Go Live

  • In the 'Present Live' dropdown select 'Anyone'
  • Press 'Present Live'

Step 5: Share link with others

  • Copy link and paste below

Save Link for Viewers