Overview of GHC

We've designed this powerful dash boarding platform so you don't have to! We want to share our expertise with the church to help ministry leaders focus on health and growth. This page is a quick overview of

  • how GHC (Growing Healthier Churches) works,
  • what it provides you and
  • what you need to do to use it regularly

How GHC works

We've built a Google Data Studio connector that securely uses church management system data to display live metrics. The data remains yours throughout this process: from your church management system to your google account. Find out more about trusting GHC with your data here (overview, full data privacy policy)

We have built several connectors already for major church management systems and there's more to come!

What GHC provides you

We've spent significant time designing dashboards so you don't have to. Our design methodology seeks to show you intuitive metrics that allow you to explore as deep as you'd like to go! Each metric should help you answer some questions about the health and growth of your church.

Consider one of our core dashboards - the Toolkit (available for Elvanto users).

1. Church Health Gauges

The first dashboard you'll see helps you get a snapshot of the church. This will help you zoom into aspects prompted by your curiosity. It also provides a baseline for comparison over time as well as an easy way to share a common metric vocabulary with other key leaders and stakeholders.

Health Gauges
Shows change in health gauge over time
Jump to strat/pastoral pages for this area of church health
Powerful filters persistent across all pages

We believe these 5 areas of church health are critical to the life of your church and the discipleship of your members.

2. Strategic High Level Metrics

These dashboards show attendance patterns for services, groups, people and over years/months to help you see what's happening quickly.

Attendance Plots of Members
Quick Snapshot of Congregation Attendance Health
Quick Snapshot of Church Attendance Health
This people list filters as you interact with dashboard

Other dashboards you can see at this level are:

  • Visitor Strategic: when/where do new people typically come, how does this compare to other years?
  • Integration Strategic: what congregations/years have been most "sticky"?
  • Group Strategic: which groups are most healthy and where is support needed?
  • Volunteer Strategic: who is serving (too much or otherwise)?

3. Pastoral People Focussed Dashboards

Church ministry is so much about shepherding the flock. Know your people and be guided into prioritising pastoral attention to people in each of the 5 areas of health. These dashboards are all about week to week ministry focussing on people.

Consider the Attendance Pastoral Dashboard:

Synthesised Group Attendance
Intuitive attendance "sparklines"
Powerful Filters
Quick List of those not attending recently
Click any name to open in your ChMS

Other pastoral dashboards allow you to focus on people from different aspects of the life of your church. We've also done the hard work of synthesising most of this so you can see a wholistic picture which is often hard to do within church management systems.

What do you need to do to use GHC (regularly)?

Simply start using it! The quality of your metrics will depend on the quality of your data of course. But we've designed GHC to promote good processes so that you'll naturally see and improve data quality as you go. We've even built into the toolkit (as well as a stand alone add-on) data quality metrics.

Every time you update you your church management system updates, the GHC dashboards will reflect the changes.

To start you'll simply need to let GHC know what are you member people categories (differentiated from your yet-to-be members, otherwise known as visitors!) as well as supplement the connection with 2 attendance reports. There's a simple setup process you'll be guided through after registering.

Sign up free today or ask us any questions about how we can help you focus on health and growth.

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