The Four Disciplines of Execution

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In this next episode of GHC Insights learn about the Four Disciplines of Execution to help you focus on growth in the whirlwind of ministry. We're joined by special guest Yvette McDonald from the Christian Leadership Framework.

Episode 2: The Four Disciplines of Execution

  • Focus on your wildly important goals
  • Execute lead actions
  • Create a team scoreboard (that's done for you with GHC!)
  • Set a cadence of accountability (more to come on this)

More about the Christian Leadership Framework.

The Christian Leadership Framework seeks to raise up faithful and fruitful leaders for God’s kingdom.  The framework can be applied to any Christian organisation, ranging from churches, schools, not for prophets and social enterprises. The framework can be used in Leadership 360 Surveys, recruitment, development, coaching and succession planning.  Contact the Christian Leadership Framework for more information.