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Integration Workshop Template

We've made a template for a "Integration Workshop" so you can use GHC to understand what is already happening and what you can improve. The template is simple: discuss what it's like for a newcomer to come to your churchwhat does being a member look likewhat is already happening in betweenwho is sticking and whywhat does this say about your invitational and welcoming processes and culture GHC helps you

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New People and Members

One of the key design features of GHC is to help you grow and maintain your membership.. To help you do this with confidence let us explain how GHC manages membership with respect to new people. 1. Who are New People and Members The terms we use in GHC are defined to straddle various church management system (ChMS) setups. The primary definition is this:

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The Power and Pitfalls of Metrics

This is reproduced from a podcast done with the Malphurs Group. You can view it and other great resources here. We all want our churches to be healthy. We want them to bear fruit and be strong enough to hold out hope in a world that is seemingly turning against Christianity. But how healthy is your church? We all swap stories and look for evidence that the vision is being enacted… but is that good enough?

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Our vision

We are passionate to see ministry teams better unified, more accountable, continually growth-oriented and radically dependant on God. How can real time metrics do all

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Toolkit Walkthrough

This video is a zoom recording of the early release of the Toolkit to step you through the setup and functionality of the

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Setup for GHC in ministry teams (walkthrough) This video walks through the setup for outlined in the ministry teams

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Using Metrics Well Metrics can be a powerful asset and yet there's plenty of pitfalls especially for churches. Mike Hastie interviews Peter Mayrick from Partners In Ministry exploring this

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Setting Up Your System Well In this video chat Mike speaks with Mikey Lynch from New Front Door The Church I.T. Guild about keeping the big picture in view when it comes to elvanto. New Front Door helps churches with their IT needs including setting up Elvanto well. If you'd like to know more about what they do or get some tips check out:

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