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Professions of Faith - Elvanto Setup
Tracking Professions of Faith

We believe tracking professions of faith is a critical health measure. If all the angels rejoice in one sinner repenting then let's cherish every profession and focus on it as a key measure of health. Elvanto doesn't have a native field to track this so we'll guide you through how you can setup a simple custom field that GHC recognises.

Create a custom field in Elvanto 

Step 1: Select 'Categories' from the the Peoples menu

Step 2: Edit People Category

  • Simply select any category that you use for members or newcomers (it doesn't matter
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Health Report
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Share my dashboard - Turbo (Reusable)
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Share my dashboard - Turbo
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Health Checkup - Generic
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Data Quality
Improving your data and health insights by regularly using GHC

The more you use GHC the better your church management system will match the reality of your church and the better insights you'll have to make better ministry decisions.

The first time you use GHC...

Some users feel they can't even start using GHC because they have no confidence in the data.

We can show you very quickly how to do an initial cleanup to get you started if you don't have confidence in the data. Simply go to your checkup health dashboard and select "Data Quality" under setup.


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Going Deeper into Church Health: Membership
Going Deeper into Church Health: Membership

No service attendance is not the best measure of health!

When considering how healthy your congregation is, it can be tempting to focus on how many people are coming. However, while attendance is a measure of health, it’s one you can go mad over while looking at the ups and downs week to week. 

Better health tracking

Trends over time while looking at your membership base are a more accurate and impactful way to track health. GHC is built around monitoring the health of your membership (those who call your church home).

Start by

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Test Onboarding
Heading 1

Text text text

Heading 2

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Heading 3

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Heading 4

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Transfer Admin Account

GHC Account
Looker Studio Google Account Current Account Owner:
[Billing_Email]Current Dashboard Account :
[Google_Account "Billing"] ↓↓ Should you proceed with transfer we will update the New Account Owner in GHC to be:
[Get_Email_From_GHCID_in_URL]⚠️ The new account owner will need to reconnect GHC with your church management system. This cannot be done automatically. We'll guide you through this as you can read below.

Read this before proceeding with account transfer:

  • It is good practice to create a general account as your admin. For example (or even rather than The first case means you have a consistent central
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Share Options

There are 3 methods to set who can see your dashboards

You can use a google group to define a set of users so that the one group sets permission scope for every dashboard. You can find out more here.


  • Select "Manage Access" and "Anyone on <your domain> with link can view"
  • You can share the URL with anyone on that domain and they'll be able to view the data
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GHC Share Access Using Google Groups. 

This method of defining the scope of permissions for dashboard sharing is the easiest and most flexible method. You will guided through the method to setup a group which will have a dedicated email address assigned to it. It's this email address you'll use to establish the share permission scope. It means you just need to put one email in all dashboards and modify the group to effect all permissions. The method is also integrated into myTeamGHC if you are a subscriber.

Create a new external access group

Substep 1 of 5: Go to

Ensure you’re logged in with

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Epic Split Demo
Heading 1

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GHC Notify
GHC Notify Better inform your service volunteers for ministry together

GHC Notify is a utility that sends regular scheduled emails to your rostered volunteers so they can see any combination of the following:

Service Plan

Make sure your volunteers know how their ministry contributes to the service

Who's on (and confirmed)

Now your volunteers can see easily who else is involved the service and who is yet to confirm


Include links to song resources to equip musicians and service leaders

+ You can choose what content is sent, who gets it and when they get it!

And it's all

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GHC Notifier
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Integration Workshop Template

We've made a template for a "Integration Workshop" so you can use GHC to understand what is already happening and what you can improve.

The template is simple:

  • discuss what it's like for a newcomer to come to your church
  • what does being a member look like
  • what is already happening in between
  • who is sticking and why
  • what does this say about your invitational and welcoming processes and culture

GHC helps you bring a clarity of narratives out for discussion. This will help you with team unity and the alignment of what is and should be happening.

We hope

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New People and Members

One of the key design features of GHC is to help you grow and maintain your membership.. To help you do this with confidence let us explain how GHC manages membership with respect to new people.

1. Who are New People and Members

The terms we use in GHC are defined to straddle various church management system (ChMS) setups.

The primary definition is this: Members = people categories defined by suffix "_" or with a colour ending in "_".

The second definition is this: New People = anyone added to the system in the last 12 months. This date range

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The Power and Pitfalls of Metrics

This is reproduced from a podcast done with the Malphurs Group. You can view it and other great resources here.

We all want our churches to be healthy. We want them to bear fruit and be strong enough to hold out hope in a world that is seemingly turning against Christianity. But how healthy is your church? We all swap stories and look for evidence that the vision is being enacted… but is that good enough? In fact, that question: “is this good” is a curious question to ponder as we reflect on the flock of people that God

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Our vision

We are passionate to see ministry teams better unified, more accountable, continually growth-oriented and radically dependant on God.

How can real time metrics do all this?

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