Introduction to GHC


We want to help you see what's happening in your church AND we want to help you focus your leadership. To help you get the best out of the GHC platform let us give you a quick guide following 4 basic ideas...


The first page in the metrics suite centres on 5 health gauges. We have synthesised your database for you so that at a glance you can see basic but powerful real time health metrics. Each are explained briefly under the dials.
Are they what you expected to see? Which one varies from expectation? Which one might be lower than you'd like? These questions will naturally arise as you EXPLORE.


To help you explore further, each health gauge has a "strategic" button underneath. Each of these strategic dashboards will help you EXPLORE FURTHER the context of some of your questions. This way you can ask even sharper questions and gain a better understanding of what might be happening. Imagine using the strategic dashboards as you start and at your quarterly strategic team meetings. 


Once you've explored a little further you might be feeling a little overwhelmed! It's time to focus! This might be a team focus - pulling together to try and lift one of the dials. Or it could be assigning focus to particularly ministry leaders. Either way, use the strategic dashboards to focus your attention and ask "what could we do to lift the dial". The better you've explored the better you will focus. You might have noticed one congregation doing something really well. Or a particular group of people needing more attention. Whatever it might be, FOCUS your leadership with the insights of GHC. 


Now that you are focussed, use the pastoral dashboards as part of a weekly or regular rhythm to exercise leadership actions. The pastoral dashboards are more focussed on individual people. Maybe it's as simple as "follow up people who have missed 3 weeks". Or "invite people showing regular engagement into leadership". Maintain your focus and LEAD.

As you do this you'll notice things, particularly messy data... clean that up on the way 🙂 Almost everyone who opens GHC says "oh what a mess" but don't let that stop you from starting!


As you keep up this rhythm using GHC regularly you will, God willing and in time, see a change of the dials. If you don't then re-explore. If you do, explore the impact God's made through you.
Note: the concept of moving the dials is related to "lag goals"; that is, regularly doing lead actions that you hope will shift the big, slow but important "lag" measures. 

Before you go, there are 2 more quick things that will help you get the most out of GHC.


To move between any dashboard at any time simply click the dashboard title (under "Church Health Toolkit") and a drop down menu will appear. It doesn't look like it, but you can also scroll the full list of dashboards. They are grouped as Health, Strategic and Pastoral dashboards. Don't forget that you can always get to the relevant strategic and pastoral dashboard under each health gauge on the main page.


Perhaps the most powerful feature of GHC is the ability to use it in teams. You can make a local copy and distribute the link to members of your leadership team - see more about this here. Using GHC like this enables members of your team to explore the particular aspects of their ministry and contribute to the whole. The power of joining data, stories and leadership together cannot be understated.

Our hope is that we can help your team be more united, more accountable and more focussed. 

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