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FAQ - Growing Healthier Churches

Here are some of the questions our users have been asking:

Help me out with the acronyms...

GHC. Growing Healthier Churches

ChMS. Church Management System. At this point in time only elvanto / ChMS are supported.

API. Application Programming Interface. An API key provides secure backdoor access to information. In this case providing the API key to GHC means the dashboard can look up information in your ChMS. See our privacy policy for further information.

Does GHC change anything in my ChMS set up?

No. Well, we do ask you to make a slight modification to people categories and add a group or two to link attendance reports... but GHC does not change anything. It simply reads your data to synthesise it.

Can I share this with my team or do they have to go through setup themselves?

You can share with your team! In fact it's not good practice for multiple team members to be using API to setup integrations. Instead you can follow the instructions here to create a "local copy" of your dashboard that you've registered and share a link to that. GHC is a very powerful platform when your team is exploring individually and together so we'd encourage you to do this.

My calculations don't match the dashboard numbers.

It's important that you have confidence in the GHC connector. We've made a whole web page just for you! The numbers.

I have errors - how do I know if I've setup the toolkit properly?

If you are unsure you've worked through the setup instructions properly then please revisit the setup instructions here. You can also see the last page in the toolkit dashboard set which shows you "green lights" or otherwise for your setup.

Can I trust GHC with my ChMS data?

We use industry standard authentication to link your database with our google data studio dashboard.

Your church data can be accessed only by those you chose to share it with.

Operating within the secure Google Cloud Platform, GHC Dashboards securely extract your data from and display it in Google Data Studio using a connector that has been verified and authorised by google.

Access to your Tithely data is secured by your API key which is stored securely in your user area of google cloud and can be revoked by you at any time. The toolkit uses private links to shared attendance reports are also used to supplement the API. They are secured between and the connector and not accessible elsewhere.

Access to your data on the GHC dashboards is secured by standard google authentication methods and is controlled by you through GDS sharing options.

Will GHC work with other church management systems?

That's the plan! We want to serve church leadership teams across platforms to maximise the focus and effectiveness GHC offers. Right now we only support ChMS. But we've already started exploring other platforms to connect with. We'd love to know what you're using if you're keen to use GHC:

What's the difference between the check up and the toolkit?

The Checkup is designed as a basic version of the more advanced Toolkit. You don't need to use both, simply select the dashboard that suits your needs.

Note: At present we are only supporting the Toolkit. If you want the simpler "Checkup" please contact us at

FeatureCheck UpToolkit
Health Gauges✔️✔️
Visitor, Integration, Member, Group, Volunteer Dashboards✔️✔️
Can use in teams with local copies✔️✔️
Attendance Data✔️
Synthesised Service and Group Metrics✔️

There is no data showing in my dashboard

If you've setup the dashboards and there's zero members, or "No Data" appearing then it's likely that a step was missed in setup or your elvanto doesn't comply with our basic system assumptions we've made. One of the common steps missed is demarcating "member" people category(s) and small group category with a "_" suffix. If this is missed GHC doesn't know who are members or in small groups and will return No Data for those relevant graphs.

Will GHC always be free?

As a startup we've invested a huge amount of time to this point simply out of passion to serve churches. We are now releasing our platforms for free while we assess the time cost of supporting churches and continued R&D.

Change Log

Here's a list of versions that have been released and what's changed. The version number is in the top right corner of the first dashboard. This might be particularly helpful to see if you've saved a local copy and aren't getting automatic updates. Simply create a new copy to access new version.

Dec 2020
First release major release of the toolkit
Jan 2021
New "overview" dashboard slides to allow comparison of overall health metrics for each location in your church
Aug 2020
Public release

Contact Us

We'd love you to use our facebook users community to get support and share insights+comments. If you wish to contact us directly you can also use this form. We will aim to get back to you as we can. Please understand we are only volunteers.