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The Growing Healthier Churches modules are designed to put your data to work at 3 levels.


Intuitive health gauges will start your journey to both explore what's happening in your church and assist your leadership decisions to grow and retain your membership.

Strategic Trends

These dashboards show you trends and prompt deeper questions about God’s work in your church. Answer these questions in your team to create unity and focus. 

Pastoral Insight

These dashboards are focussed on pastoral work and will help you consider how to prioritise your ministry activities.

Connect GHC

to your church database

for real time 

health metrics to 

grow and retain your membership

Simple Integration

With our simple setup guide, you'll have advanced real-time analytics available in as little as 5 minutes. The Growing Healthier Churches uses Google Data Studio to synthesise data from your church management system to produce intuitive and rich analytics to help you see what is happening in your church.

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The GHC platform is safe and secure. We have simply designed a connector between your data in your church management system and your google account.

Find out more about how GHC connects with your secure data.
People are assigning a people category related to their “connected-ness” to your church (eg Newcomer, Member).
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GHC Insights

Growing Healthier Churches is a ministry leadership platform. It helps you use data to inform, catalyse and measure decisions as you pursue the health and growth of your church.

To help you learn more about how you can use GHC as a leadership platform we're releasing a series of short videos called GHC Insights. 

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What people are saying about GHC

Robbie Hayes
Minister, Blacktown Australia.
"We are building GHC into the way we run our weekly ministry team meetings and are already starting to see the fruit of it."

Linden Fooks

Senior Minister, Brisbane Australia
"GHC is the missing piece to helping us achieve our ministry plan." Hear more...

Scott Ball

The Malphurs Group, United States
"I wish every church had this level of information". Watch the podcast.

About the Creators

Mike Hastie
Ministry. Leadership. Strategy.
Mike has been in ministry for nearly 10 years as a youth and young adults pastor, a missions pastor and an executive pastor. He also served a board chair and once upon a time an aeronautical engineer! He is particularly excited to see teams use this tool with an active curiosity - moving from exploration to a clearer shared pursuit of the great commission in local contexts.

Bruce McClenahan

Technology. Systems. Strategy.
Bruce is a professional technologist who has applied his skills in contemporary technology and systems to support ministry at his local church and beyond. Bruce is passionate to see tools like this be accessible by non-technical pastors to better learn about their church and their people.

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Our heart is to help churches flourish and so they can more effectively reach the lost and bring transformation to their communities. We have a vibrant Facebook page and a regular podcast designed to give a voice to those with a passion for church health through data analysis.