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Using GHC to work out who our church is actually reaching

It would be great as part of Stay Ratio to be able to drill down on demographics of people to understand who we are and who we're not reaching. This would need GHC to pull marital status, age and gender from Elvanto. We would love to work out for example 1. Are we reaching 20-30 year old single men. 2. If we are reaching them, are we keeping them and converting them to members? I hope that provides

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Started/Stopped serving

It would be great if there was a way to note who started serving/stopped serving within a period of time. Ie. marked 'volunteer' in the past 3 months, or unmarked 'volunteer' in the past 3 months. We can track total numbers serving but it doesn't give the started/stopped of the total change over

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Who isn't serving

Could there be a way to see who isn't serving? Maybe you could mark people who are unable to serve in some

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