Grade Progression Audit

There is a bug in Elvanto that occasionally causes an individual to have their school grade increased by 2 years rather than 1 when the annual progression of School Grade runs on 1 Jan. In some instances it doesn't increase at all. It's hard to find en masse because it's not possible to report on this change.

GHC provide a script that scans activity logs this calendar year and identifies instances where the school grade was increased by more than 1 year or not at all and emails the result to you. From there you can manually edit or ask support to fix the issue on your account (they usually turn this around within a day or so).

Simply follow these basic steps and the audit results will be sent within the hour.

Authorise Script

Step 1: In your Elvanto create a new custom integration called GHC Activity Extractor

"Add" new integration in settings

Select "Custom"

Step 2: Enter an app name, description and website as ghc home page: ""

Step 3: Save and then click on the App name you made to re-open it and see Client Secret and Token. You'll need both these values in the next step

Step 4: Open script page here.

Step 5: Enter your church domain prefix, secret and token

Copy Clint ID and Client Secret values across into script page

Step 6: Authorise

When completed it will create a new group called "GHC Activity Extractor".

Control Group Settings

Open this newly created group. This group is what defines the parameters for the activity log audit.

Step 1: In the City field  - Enter a login to your elvanto as username | password.

  • The username and password is not stored anywhere by GHC and is wiped from group field on run.
  • If you're concerned about sharing this detail you can create a new person (needs to have people view access to see activity logs) and then delete person after the script has run.

Step 2: In the State field enter GRADE.

  • If you have renamed the School Grade field to something that doesn’t include the word Grade, then you’ll need to specify this eg enter GRADE=School Year in the State field

Step 3: Press save

The script will run within the next hour and duplicate records will be sent to the email of the login provided.

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