Is your church healthy? Are you growing? How do you know?

You could share anecdotes of where you see the vision of church coming to fruition. You could pay a coach to come in and help you discern where you are at. Both of these are good things. But there's also a simpler starting point...

You could plugin Growing Healthier Churches to your church management database and then have real time measures to give you some concrete answers to these questions.

The main health dashboard of the GHC toolkit

Click below to access an overview about why you can trust GHC with your ChMS data to help you focus on health growth.

Here's 5 reasons why you should be using Growing Healthier Churches

1. GHC helps you see how well you're retaining and growing your church membership

GHC gives you an intuitive, quick and grounded insight into how healthy your church is.

2. GHC improves your team's unity and focus for the vision of your church

With an ability to share dashboards with your team, GHC prompts conversations that bring your team together to see the same thing. It's our hope you can, with GHC, develop a richer narrative of what's happening and could happen in your church - since every metric represents a story.

3. GHC helps you set better goals and prompts you to action

What does good + healthy look like? GHC prompts you to answer that and a good set of metrics gets a team off to the great start. You cannot under-estimate the power of focussing on a goal together (and seeing the results) in the whirlwind of ministry.

4. GHC helps you celebrate what God is doing in your church

When you can see how God gives the growth it's a moment to stop and thank God for what He's doing!

5. It's easy to set up! And right now it's free!!

If you're a or PCO user then you're minutes away (with a once off setup) from seeing all this!

If you'd like more reasons to use something like GHC and think hard about church health measures I'd recommend Tony Morgan's book: Vital Signs. Get a free ebook copy of it here.

Hear how Linden,

senior minister at Anne St Presbyterian,

is using GHC to pursue the growth and health of his church.

Current GHC Dashboards

DashboardDescriptionElvantoPlanning CenterFluroCCB
CheckupOverall health gauges including newcomers, integration, groups and serving
ToolkitAs above with advanced insights including attendance of services and groups
Group Health Add on to explore health of discipleship groupsBeta
People Flow Health Add on to review (work)flows of people
Data QualityGHC works best as you keep cleaning your data. This helps highlight areas that might need cleaning.
Long Range Service AttendanceAdd on to review trends of service attendance
Song HealthAdd on to explore how often and over what range (year and genre) songs are played
Serving Activity Add on to look at who is doing what to best care for volunteers and needs of church
Front Door / Back DoorAdd on to look at long range people coming and going to see net growth