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The Numbers

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It's important you both have confidence in the numbers presented by GHC as well as understand how they're calculated. The follow methods of verification are provided without locations and demographic filters for simplicity.

Current Members

"Members" are defined as the sum of all Active and Contacts of all people categories demarcated (with "_" or a colour ending with 1).

Note that this includes both Active and Contacts.

New People

"New People" in GHC is independent to categories. It is calculated as the number of people added to your system in the last year including archived people. In this way it is a count of all people who came through your front door. Note that any people categories marked with "*" are excluded in the calculation.

The same result can be generated by running an advanced people search:

New Members

This is the number of people currently active in the member people categories who were added to the system in the last year.

Members in Groups

This number is the number of members who are in groups.

Current Volunteers

This is the number of people who have a department listed and are volunteers. Having both of these conditions tightens focus on active volunteers.

You can replicate this result by using the advanced search: