GHC Insights Webinar

Focussing on the discipleship engine of your church: discipleship groups

Choose between two sessions of the same webinar:

Tuesday 15th August 2pm (AEST)

Thursday 17th August 10am (AEST)

With over 400 users of GHC we want to foster a community of shared insights. Join our Growth Catalyst Cameron Harte for our quarterly GHC Insights Webinar.

In this upcoming webinar we're focusing on discipleship groups.

Whether your church calls them small groups, bible study groups, life groups or discipleship groups they have been described as the "engine room" of discipleship since they are where people share life and gospel together (1 Thess 2:8). Whether you're a big church or a small church, we want to help you focus on the health of your groups for the sake of building up Christ's church.

Cameron will guide you through:

  • Using the GHC platform to monitor the health of your small group ministry
  • Partnering with small group leaders in the care for their group members
  • Developing pathways to help visitors find their way into small groups at your church

If you're a GHC user dial up your dashboards for this or if you haven't yet signed up for your free GHC access then simply watch along and see what you could be seeing.

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