GHC Insights Webinar

Tuesday 21st March 3pm (AEDT)

Thursday 23rd March 10am (AEDT)

With more than 350 users of GHC we want to foster a community of shared insights. Join our Growth Catalyst Cameron Harte for our first GHC Insights Webinar for the year. He will show you how GHC can you help you effectively welcome people into the life of your church and see them grow as disciples of Jesus. In this webinar you can expect to explore:

• What are effective strategies for engaging with people as they enter the orbit of the life of your church.
• What are best practices in regards to capturing information and for your database so that GHC can give trustworthy information.
• How GHC can be used to effectively care for people who are new to church and enable you to make good plans about reaching them and connecting them with Jesus.

If you're a GHC user dial up your dashboards for this or if you haven't yet signed up for your free GHC access then simply watch along and see what you could be seeing.

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